Our Story

The story of Pinnacle Pursuits begins with its Founder and Chief Visionary: Jonathan Willcocks. At the age of 26, after graduating from University, he was working full time as a wilderness boot camp instructor and life skills counselor at a correctional camp for young offenders. A large component of this intense residential program was exploring and blazing the West Coast geography, embarking on multi-day mountain expeditions and paddling river and ocean routes in traditional Voyageur canoes – a position for which he was naturally suited.

It was here, through both leading and experiencing these wild adventures and challenges that Jono discovered how transformative the power of nature, group dynamics, adventure and personal reflection really were and he soon realized that he was passionate enough about this field to want to devote his life to it. Instead of working with rebellious youth, however, he wanted to attract people who chose to step up to the plate and truly want to challenge themselves to work together, stretch out of their everyday comfort zones and learn and grow, but no company offered this service. So in 1997, with a heart full of passion and a vision he couldn’t ignore (and on a shoestring budget), Jono decided to seize the opportunity and create such a company himself; thus Pinnacle Pursuits was born!

As a small company with a big idea, the demand for Pinnacle Pursuits’ personal development, team-building and adventure-leadership programs grew rapidly, and in the year 2000, after 3 years of organizing and facilitating local programs, Pinnacle Pursuits had grown enough to begin taking its programs abroad. This proved to be a rewarding and profitable direction for the company; to date, Pinnacle Pursuits has been invited to work in 11 countries worldwide.

By 2008, Pinnacle Pursuits was becoming formally recognized and acknowledged for its accomplishments, winning several prominent local and international awards for business, leadership, community impact and for a creative and fresh approach to experiential education. One such honour came from the Association of Experiential Education, who awarded Pinnacle Pursuits the ‘Top Experiential Organizational Award in the Northwest Region of North America’. Jonathan was also the first Canadian to win the Willie Unsoeld Award for his impact as an exemplary educator, and was the recipient of the Business in Vancouver Top 40 under 40 Award in 2007 (which celebrates BC’s outstanding entrepreneurs, executives, managers and professionals).

Today, Jonathan and his amazing Pinnacle Pursuits team of adventure-learning experts continue to grow and expand the company’s reputation, offering creative programs that make the world a better place to live, work, learn and play!

We invite you to be part of the next chapter in our story!