Why Choose Pinnacle Pursuits?

No other company in the world provides the combination of education, creativity, adventure and fun that Pinnacle Pursuits offers.

A day of our facilitated interactive activities will teach you more about team building, leadership, yourself and each other than any lecture ever could. The results of this learning are transferablevisible and long lasting, a point to which many of our past clients can testify.

The Pinnacle team consists of highly educated, experienced and skilled leaders, consultants, coaches and facilitators. We have experts in experiential learning, leadership development, health and recreation, outdoor education, risk management, event planning and group facilitation. Therefore, this world-class team enables peak performance and peak success for our clients and is the reason why they choose Pinnacle Pursuits!

Pinnacle Pursuits programs are extremely customizable, strategically taking into account each client’s individual needs and goals. We provide a set of activities specifically designed to meet and exceed the goals. Our programs can be individual events that last several hours, full days consisting of multiple activities, multi-day retreats that involve constant learning and adventure, or ongoing contracts with new events and adventures occurring periodically! In addition, all of these adventures are entirely portable, and can take place wherever suits your needs.

Risk Management and Optimum Participation

Prevention is a key aspect of risk management. Since 1997, Pinnacle Pursuits has worked in all types of outdoor and indoor settings. Moreover, we have delivered events in unique venues all over the world for youth and adults. Part of our reputation has been built on our impeccable track record of safety. We are committed to ensuring that our programming follows strict risk management standards and protocol. We focus on three key areas of safety: physical, emotional and social safety. In addition, our approach is strength-based to ensure that all areas of safety are optimized.

As with all Pinnacle Pursuits programs, we promote optimal participation, which is facilitated by encouraging each individual to participate at their personal best. As a result, it is our goal to provide meaningful challenges to participants of all levels and abilities. We believe that these among many other reasons are why you should choose Pinnacle Pursuits!