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Virtual and in-person experiential programs to connect, inspire and empower youth and families

The Pinnacle Pursuits Experiential Approach

At Pinnacle Pursuits, we are strong proponents of experiential learning, or learning by doing. During our programs, participants are given the opportunity to engage in interesting activities and challenges that are specifically designed to apply to their current working, learning and leadership situations.

Observing and reflecting upon our team and ourselves in action allows us to retain new awareness and skills, and transfer them to all other aspects of life. This powerful method of learning increases the potential for long-term impact and positive change.


“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

– Confucious

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Whether it is a skill development workshop for a small group, a school-wide celebration day or an immersive 3 day leadership retreat, Pinnacle Pursuits has a program for every desired learning outcome. Hear from our team to learn about how we create incredible experiences that can benefit your students and participants.

Our Youth Clients

Read our youth case stories to see how we have met the specific needs of numerous clients

“This experiential learning program, every year, helps our students establish relationships and increase collaboration with their peers, and develop a deeper level of self-awareness.”

Tom Harding, Leadership Teacher,

Rockridge Secondary School

“The event was a total hit – we really saw the students working together, having fun, and finishing the year with amazing memories! You really helped bring out the best energy in everyone!”

Genie Schaap, PAC Com,

T Homma School


“Without exception, we have always found the instructors to be friendly, approachable, confident and knowledgeable. The activities that they lead are highly creative and always have an underlying ‘life lesson’ that the students find engaging and thought provoking.”

Nicola Ferguson, Principal,

Mulgrave Independent School

Pinnacle Pursuits’ interactive experiences are agile, professional and compelling. They are well tailored to meet the needs of any organization. Their team always delivers a phenomenal process and program”.

Paul Tigchelaar, Principal,



“Pinnacle Pursuits is a forward thinking, outside the box company that strives to bring the best out of everyone and everything life has to offer. A fantastic company to work with!”

Steve Olah, Principal,

Meadowridge International School

Youth Case Stories

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