'Dysgu' (Verb: Welsh): Both to Teach & to Learn

Training for Teachers

At Pinnacle Pursuits, we believe that in order to be a true teacher, we must also be a constant learner; we must keep our mind awake, open, non-judgmental, caring and curious. This approach also helps us to stay young at heart and inspired, traits that are vital for inspiring and educating others! 

Our Professional Development Series training for teachers and educators provides a unique action-based learning experience and approach that gives them the opportunity to reconnect with their “teaching spark”. Our programs help educators see their passions, strengths and talents reemerge as they interact with their peers in a creative, collaborative and trusting environment.

Training for teachers participants will take away valuable insights and new tangible tools that they will be able to apply to their roles as professional educators, mentors, role models, and facilitators. 

Be sure to also check out our Train The Teachers: Virtual Team Building program in our Virtual At-Home Learning offerings.

We would love to know how we can help create an inspiring program for you and your students!

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