Charity Challenges

Engage Your People. Inspire the Community. Contribute to a Meaningful Cause in-person or virtually.

“It’s not the stories you are telling about your company; it’s the stories that others are telling about you, that make the difference.”

What is a Charity Challenge?

Golf tournaments and dinner galas are no longer the only options for a charity fundraiser. Although these events may reach fundraising targets, they focus on the elite and offer little more than tax benefits to donors. Forward-thinking charities are choosing more unique ways to build their stakeholder engagement by moving toward a more strategic and intentional option for fundraising – the Charity Challenge.

Innovative, value-driven corporations all over Canada are using Charity Challenges as a strategic way to combine team-building activities with Corporate Social Responsibility targets.

Charity Challenges can take many forms, but the underlying nature behind them is to offer a challenging, adventurous and fun event for all people and, above all, raise funds for important causes. They encourage participants to get involved and stretch out of their comfort zone while, at the same time, raising money for causes that have touched them.

  • Contribute to a great cause
  • Engage the masses
  • Give participants a memorable & life-changing experience
  • Build long-lasting relationships
  • Create opportunities for a charity’s volunteers to have an inspiring experience
  • Establish long-term and stronger relationships with corporate sponsors & stakeholders
  • Generate unique media opportunities
  • Become a sustainable source of revenue for the charity

Charity Challenge participants have a fun, challenging experience that they remember and associate with the event and charity for years to come. They will engage their friends, family and colleagues to support them to complete the challenge, help raise money for the cause and share their story afterwards. It becomes a great way to spread your charitable message and ‘story’ through two of the most powerful mediums – word of mouth and social media!

We've worked with some inspiring people

“The Pinnacle team was exceptional to work with. They handled some big, tricky logistics pieces for us and did it with a smile. They were as engaged as our in-house staff and volunteers, and then some, doing some major grunt work. Pinnacle Pursuits excelled, not just in hitting the contractual obligations, but in nurturing relationships and elevating the experience for all involved.”

Stuart Chase, Director, Marketing & Communications,

Make-a-Wish BC & Yukon


“We found Pinnacle Pursuits to be extremely attentive to working with us and our sponsors and they were thoughtful in their planning and execution from inception to race day. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a creative and passionate group, who truly enjoy doing what they do.”

Duff Lang, President,

MAXIMUS Canada Services Inc.



“Pinnacle Pursuits conveys the power of teamwork and we are truly grateful for the partnership we have created.  Together we have developed a great community event that inspires giving while encouraging people to get outside and enjoy the many benefits of play and adventure. Thank you.”

Tim Cormode, Executive Director,

Power To Be


Looking to Organize a Charity Challenge?

Get in touch. Pinnacle Pursuits specializes in organizing uniquely inspiring Charity Challenge Events.

Pinnacle Pursuits’ years of experience in team-building, event facilitation, and philanthropy allow us to offer some truly extraordinary Charity Challenge Events.

We offer a diverse range of services from consultation to full management, taking your event from initial conception straight through to delivery and evaluation.

Pinnacle Pursuits’ custom designed Charity Challenge Events are no ordinary events – they are strategically and professionally designed and marketed challenges that are unique to the cause, the community, and to all stakeholders – the sponsors, the volunteers and the participants alike.

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