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How to foster employee engagement and why it is vital for the challenge ahead?

Now is the most important time to have a fully engaged, locked in and motivated team but there are ongoing challenges. Workforces and teams have spent so much time apart of late with working from home. Motivation has dipped from exhaustion, isolation and anxiety going back to work. Similarly there is disillusionment due to the ever-changing landscape of business. It is fair to say that many workforces may be out of alignment with their company’s vision. These concerns are not ideal for employers at a time when employee engagement is vital.

How to recapture lost learning for our students?

“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.” Experiential Education by John Dewey The impact of the pandemic has been experienced differently across... View Article

Our Updated Covid-19 Statement – June 2020

Things are ever-changing and as our community is the most important to us, we wanted to let you know what is happening and what to expect with us.

9 Virtual Team Building Activities you can do with your team (4min read)

If you have been looking to bring some fun back into the office, look no further. You can introduce these virtual team building initiatives today.

What one change can I make to improve my staff team performance? (4.5min read)

Team performance and success is dependent on numerous factors of varying importance but it appears that one may stand above the others. This is the view of both Harvard professor Amy Edmondson and, more recently, Google’s Project Aristotle which studied... View Article

How to Use Language as a Powerful Leadership Communication Tool (5.5min read)

Leaders are communicating at all times with every person, inside and outside their business, regardless of what they say or do. As the most visible member of the organization, leaders and all elements of their communication are closely scrutinized. If this is the case, isn't it better for leaders to be conscious of their communications and structure their language intentionally to maximize the impact that they want to achieve?

Remote Meetings: How do I lead my team? – Part 2 (4min read)

In part 2 we draw attention to the practicalities of leading remote meetings. Many of these suggestions are applicable to standard in-person meetings and aim to mitigate the popular disillusionment’s often experienced. Part 1 of this blog covered the compassionate... View Article