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Engage Your Company. Inspire Your Community. Be Part of an Incredible Cause. . . Create Your Story!

Innovative, value-driven corporations all over Canada are using Charity Challenges as a strategic way to combine team building activities with Corporate Social Responsibility targets.

“It’s not the stories you are telling about your company; it’s the stories that others are telling about you, that make the difference.”

Pinnacle Pursuits offers team adventure challenges that combine the best of effective team building with effective corporate social responsibility. This powerful formula allows employees to have a valuable day of bonding and learning while also raising thousands of dollars for their chosen cause or charity, ultimately helping companies see their corporate values in action.

Forward-thinking companies and organizations inspire their employees and the community by creating impactful experiences, or shall we say, creating powerful “stories” that engage and excite.

Research has shown that companies that take the lead on hosting meaningful and strategic Charity Challenge events also take the lead on employee engagement, achieving their corporate social responsibility mandate objectives, building a strong sense of company culture, and gaining more respect in the community. This has been shown to increase publicity and engage more customers.

The Pinnacle Pursuits Team 

Pinnacle Pursuits has been organizing award-winning, large-scale team-building events and adventures since 1997. We know exactly what works and how to bring people together to build a strong sense of community.

Our experienced Charity Challenge team members have become sought-after experts in organizing and consulting for Charity Challenges all over the world. In addition, we have worked for many incredible charities, and therefore understand both the opportunities available and the potential barriers to be immediately avoided when addressed with professional experience. 

Custom Challenges & Events – Our Range of Services

Our challenges can be fully customized to fit with your company’s needs and objectives. Our team can work with you in a range of capabilities, from collaborating with you to create the initial concept, to the full event design and management, all the way from build-up, event day roll-out and logistics to post-event follow-up. 

We also have extensive experience working alongside charities and can help you explore the best charity that meets your corporate values and objectives and bridge the gap between your company and your selected charity.


We understand what is important to a company or organization in creating a successful event for charity. We can improve fundraising targets, employee and supporter engagement, and lasting community impact. The services we offer pre-event include:

Event Day Logistics

Pinnacle Pursuits has the capacity to take responsibility for all event management components if required. Event day components may include


Once the event is complete, we can also help with the essential areas that follow:

Looking to Organize a Charity Challenge?

Get in touch. Pinnacle Pursuits specializes in organizing uniquely inspiring Charity Challenge Events.

Pinnacle Pursuits’ years of experience in team-building, event facilitation, and philanthropy allow us to offer some truly extraordinary Charity Challenge Events.

We offer a diverse range of services from consultation to full management, taking your event from initial conception straight through to delivery and evaluation.

Pinnacle Pursuits’ custom designed Charity Challenge Events are no ordinary events – they are strategically and professionally designed and marketed challenges that are unique to the cause, the community, and to all stakeholders – the sponsors, the volunteers and the participants alike.

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