Celebrating the new grade 8’s and the new school year

April 16, 2020
by Liam Mumford

Client: Secondary School in Burnaby

Participants: 250 Grade 8 Students and 12 staff

Format: Full Day field trip

Location: Squint Lake Park, Burnaby, BC

The Purpose: To give the new grade 8 students of this secondary school a unique celebration to start their school year. The school wanted the students to create new friendships and identify their sense of school spirit through a day of team building and adventure in a local location to showcase some of the local beauty of Burnaby.

Our Approach: We customized and delivered our Tribal Spirit program. This program involved dividing the students up into four groups and empowering them to define their own team identity. In these smaller sub teams, the students would complete a series of unique team building challenges and initiatives against the other colour groups.

The Results: An energetic, impactful and fun day had by all to kick off the new school year. The students were able to work with others outside of their friendship group and, through experiential practice, learn how to effectively work in a team. Each student was able to contribute their ideas, solutions and direction to their teammates and step up into their own personal leadership. The students and staff were able to create a strong sense of school culture and spirit through their shared connections and unique day of celebration. The teachers were also able to observe how the students responded in problem solving environments which gave them exclusive insights into their students’ behaviours and strengths.