Pinnacle Pursuits Pivoting 2020 Adventure

“Pivoting to address critical needs of our communities” Like many in our community, Pinnacle Pursuits has been stretched far outside our comfort zones from an interpersonal and business perspective in 2020. Our every effort has been made to support teams,... View Article

How to prepare the team to adapt to the remote workplace and “New Now”? (4.5min read)

Many of our clients have sought to provide as much protection for their teams as possible by keeping the team remote for the foreseeable future. While there are numerous fantastic benefits for both employer and employee, there can be team performance challenges to navigate also. We take a look at those challenges and offers a number of solutions we have enacted and offered to our community!

How to foster employee engagement and why it is vital for the challenge ahead? (3.5min read)

Now is the most important time to have a fully engaged, locked in and motivated team but there are ongoing challenges. Workforces and teams have spent so much time apart of late with working from home. Motivation has dipped from exhaustion, isolation and anxiety going back to work. Similarly there is disillusionment due to the ever-changing landscape of business. It is fair to say that many workforces may be out of alignment with their company’s vision. These concerns are not ideal for employers at a time when employee engagement is vital.

How to recapture lost learning for our students? (4.5min read)

“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.” Experiential Education by John Dewey The impact of the pandemic has been experienced differently across... View Article

9 Virtual Team Building Activities you can do with your team (4min read)

If you have been looking to bring some fun back into the office, look no further. You can introduce these virtual team building initiatives today.

Navigate Challenges, Build Positive Group Dynamics & Increase Operational Efficiency

In order to help manage the new demands and growth, Pinnacle Pursuits brought the executive team together for the first time for a visioning and team-building retreat. The company CEO wanted to air out difficulties and challenges and have the team members gain a greater understanding of each other’s personalities and motivations, and thereby build positive dynamics to increase operational efficiency...

Reducing Hiring Costs & Streamlining Processes

Our Pinnacle Pursuits team designed and facilitated a series of experiences, mixing the best of progressive learning with carefully crafted experiential activities that focused on personal leadership, team dynamics and emotional/social intelligence over a 3 day/2 night program in an outdoor ‘camp’ environment...