Navigate Challenges, Build Positive Group Dynamics & Increase Operational Efficiency

April 21, 2020
by David O'Connell
navigate challenges

Client:  Designer and supplier of plant environment systems
17 Executives
Format: 4 Day active retreat
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Purpose: Provide a four day retreat to bring the executive team together for the first time for a visioning and team-building retreat and to help manage new demands and growth. The CEO wanted to acknowledge and navigate challenges. His desire was to air out difficulties and have participants understand each other’s personalities and motivations. Therefore, significant emphasis was put on building positive dynamics to increase operational efficiency.

Our Approach: Pinnacle Pursuits worked with the CEO for 3 months beforehand to design the right program. We prepared him and his team for an extraordinary executive retreat with a number of different tools. The planning included sourcing and hiring the right sub-contractors in Phoenix, safety and risk-management, booking hotel facilities, transportation, evening meals and entertainment and designing customized pre-event postcard teasers to increase the anticipation. In addition, we found designers for customized t-shirts and bandannas for various activities.

On-site, our team ran various icebreakers and facilitated experiential activities to complement the team’s learning, training, and work objectives. This included a low ropes program, a high ropes experience, a desert off-road adventure-race jeep rally and an evening rodeo event. It involved coaching the group through difficult conversations, creating a sense of shared values and focus, as well as powerful debriefing, commitment, acknowledgement and celebration sessions. The retreat also included an exciting, multi-media summary presentation upon completion.

The Results: This retreat was a major success for the executives and leadership alike. The feedback from each member and the CEO was very positive. Above all, the CEO felt very well equipped to navigate challenges that may arise in the future. The retreat has already lead to further bookings and business referrals from this company. As a result, we maintain a fantastic ongoing relationship with this client.