Designing Large-Scale, International Incentive Trip to Whistler, Canada

April 21, 2020
by David O'Connell
whistler incentive trip

Client: International Destination Management on behalf of incentive trip seeking multi-billion dollar paint dealer in Asia. 

Participants: 900 total

Format: 3 one-day events for 300 people over 3 weeks

Location: Whistler Olympic Park, Whistler, British Columbia

The Purpose: Design an all-inclusive, once-in-a-lifetime, Canadian themed, competitive day at the snowy Whistler Olympic Park for retail owners on an Incentive trip to Canada for hitting sales targets.

Our Approach: Based on the examples our client could share about how previous incentive trips were run with this client, we understood the need to deliver in a major way to impress the attendees. We were asked to deliver a uniquely Canadian experience where the participants could enmesh themselves in the snowy scenery of Whistler while also experiencing a phenomenal, fun and mildly competitive day. 

We created several custom activities that blew the attendees away. Our event over-delivered on what had been asked with the assistance of the wonderful Whistler Olympic Park staff. The days centered around 5 different activities. Human bowling, horizontal bungee jumps, a canoe bobsled course, ice hockey and cricket in the snow. The groups all competed to achieve points for their overall team. 

The Results: Aside from our originality and careful planning of the event, we consulted and directed the client on all parts of their trip to ensure that every part was a huge hit and success overall. This is the Pinnacle Pursuits standard of service! Our client explained “In 15 years of running this trip, this was the best we have ever done”.

Check out our video from the event