Addressing Low Workplace Satisfaction

April 21, 2020
by David O'Connell

Client: Government Ministry

Participants: 35-40

Format: 1 Day Strategic Event

Location: Coast Bastion Hotel, Nanaimo, British Columbia

The Purpose: Facilitate management and administration teams through a full 3-year review of evaluations, key performance indicators and to re-create internal vision, values and staff processes that the team aligned with. 

The Challenge: The department underwent an extensive annual workplace survey and assessment. They ranked much lower than other provincial departments on workplace satisfaction and sought to address. Our client expressed their urgent need to address through professional analysis and facilitating sessions. They had recently undergone some large changes in staffing and leadership, and staff reported feeling a lack of value and recognition, a lack of vision and a great deal of mistrust and uncertainty. 

Our Approach: We held pre-event interviews and created customized pre-retreat engagement questionnaires for all attendees to complete. Our team gathered extensive data from the employees and created detailed evaluation summaries & analyses on the findings. Subsequently, we highlighted some of the trending concerns that were important within the group. We then facilitated open forum conference style group discussion and activities giving space for some intense, open & honest dialogues. Lastly, our team hosted post-event 1:1 and group coaching and created an in depth summary report of the day’s discussions, assessments and outcomes complete with recommended ‘next steps’.

The Result: Having witnessed the success of the first day program in dissecting and resolving some pertinent concerns, our client chose to book 7 further days of retreat over the next 6 months. By the end of this project, we had created a new framework for communication. In addition, we developed a set of clear, inspiring values, an internal vision and facilitated healing discussions through honest dialogue. Going forward the future for these employees workplace satisfaction has dramatically improved.