vision and values

Addressing Low Workplace Satisfaction

This department underwent an extensive annual workplace assessment ranking much lower than other provincial departments. They had recently undergone some large changes in staffing and leadership, and staff reported feeling a lack of value and recognition, a lack of vision and a great deal of mistrust and uncertainty. Our team assisted in addressing these results with professional analysis and facilitation sessions...

Facilitating Organizational Change for An Employee Base

Facilitate change management for employees during a large organisational restructuring of a government department.

Addressing Staff Challenges & Creating Company Culture, Vision and Values

With employees in four different cities across North America undergoing a great deal of demand to produce results 24/7, the company - individually and as a whole - was feeling over-taxed and experiencing an exceptionally high stress load. Our team developed and facilitated a program to collaboratively create a culture that placed a greater degree of importance on work-life balance, shared workloads, and positive engagement...