Facilitating Organizational Change for An Employee Base

March 31, 2020
by Liam Mumford
facilitate organizational change

Client: Organizational Change for Metro Vancouver – Parks Department
Format: Multiple 1 day retreats
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

The Challenge: Facilitate organizational change management for the employees during a large restructuring of a government department

The Purpose: Consult and improve numerous areas including team and department cohesion, trust building, communication, conflict resolution, effective group decision-making and debriefing tools, understanding, embracing and navigating change effectively & vision-building. Every facet of facilitating organizational change was necessary for this client.

Our Approach: In this partnership, we employed numerous different strategies inclusive of conference lecture style, facilitated group discussion and coaching, moderating dialogues, intentionally designed indoor team-building exercises and activities. Commonalities across each program were remaining consistently fun, interactive and effective change management experiences for all employees. Organizational change that affects everyone in the department needed to be heard and valued. Therefore, all levels of employees and departments were present to voice, air out and take part in safe, honest dialogue. This included facilitating and moderating very intense honest discussions between some of the personnel who may have felt disenfranchised, a lack of control, or even a lack of trust.

The Results: Pinnacle Pursuits enjoyed a long-standing relationship with this client partnering together for 4 years during their transitional period. Furthermore, we surveyed staff after each program to gather feedback. In our findings, employees mentioned feeling relieved, heard, trusting, hopeful and re-inspired. During governmental restructuring, it is common to encounter considerable negative feelings towards the change but in this instance, most employees looked forward to the evolution of the department and a fresh approach for the future.