UrbaCity Challenge, Victoria: Creating an annual city wide race

April 16, 2020
by David O'Connell

Client: MAXIMUS Canada & the UrbaCity Challenge (2014 to Present)

Participants: 220 average each year

Location: Downtown Victoria, British Columbia

Website: http://urbacitychallenge.ca/

Purpose: Design a unique race that engages the local community and numerous Victoria businesses to raise funds for the Island Prostate Centre. 

The Challenge: Since 2014, Pinnacle Pursuits has partnered with MAXIMUS Canada to create up the UrbaCity Challenge. This urban-based team adventure race comprises of up to 25 unique challenges that involve downtown Victoria businesses, up to 150 volunteers and most importantly give the 220+ racers a new and different experience every single year without repeating challenges. 

Approach: Pinnacle Pursuits’ role each year is to find interested and intriguing companies to collaborate with in order to design unique challenges that highlight their brand in a thrilling way for racers. Each logistical element from the challenge station partner recruitment, challenge and map design to volunteer training, challenge prop building and course set-up and tear down are prepared by Pinnacle. The proceeds of the race go to the Island Prostate Centre which touches and bonds the whole Victoria community.

Results: UrbaCity celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and has consistently gotten amazing feedback from businesses, volunteers and racers. Each year there are over 500 people involved in taking part or planning the race which has managed to bring the community together more and more each year. Many thousands of people and families have benefited from the success of the race through the Island Prostate Centre.

Fundraising Achieved: Approximately $400,000 in total 

Check out our video of the event here