The Trailblaze Challenge launch with Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon

April 16, 2020
by David O'Connell

Client: Make-a-Wish BC & Yukon (2019 – Present)

Participants: 40 people

Location: Manning Park, British Columbia


Purpose: Provide training, consultation and logistics for Make-a-Wish and the participants who signed up to hike 40 kilometers at Canada’s very first Trailblaze Challenge fundraiser. 

The Challenge: In 2019, Make-a-Wish decided to launch the inaugural Trailblaze Challenge in Canada. Given the success of similar events in the US, it was Canada’s turn to take this endurance fundraiser to new heights. For Pinnacle Pursuits, it was an incredible honor to enter into partnership with Make-a-Wish and provide as much expertise and energy to the project as possible.

Approach: Pinnacle Pursuit’s responsibilities included providing pre-event consultation, mapping out the course, drafting hiker equipment needs, marking the hike route, volunteer and staff coordination and leading six training hikes relevant to the 40-kilometre hike in Manning Park. 

The Trailblaze Challenge was a 3-day weekend with the hike taking place on Saturday after a community meal and safety brief given by Pinnacle Pursuits on the Friday. Having scouted the trail in the months previously, the Pinnacle team used the time on Friday to mark out the 40 kilometre route, placing aid stations, turn around points and first aid support stations. This allowed all staff and volunteers to simply take up their positions during the Saturday hike and cheer the participants along to a safe, wonderful and empowering experience.


The inaugural Trailblaze Challenge was an inspiring event that truly exceeded all expectations. Everyone who set off safely completed the full hike without any hitches. Beyond that, the event surpassed the expected fundraising target and opened the doors to numerous new Make-a-Wish chapters taking the Trailblaze to their provinces. The event will return again on September 18-20, 2020.

Check out our video of the event