Pinnacle Pursuits

Preparing Employees for Redundancy

We helped 450 employees (who were about to be laid off) positively envision their future, set new personal and career goals and helped to promote, encourage and instill a positive attitude, sense of belief, possibility for success, and hope for themselves going forward...

Addressing Low Workplace Satisfaction

This department underwent an extensive annual workplace assessment ranking much lower than other provincial departments. They had recently undergone some large changes in staffing and leadership, and staff reported feeling a lack of value and recognition, a lack of vision and a great deal of mistrust and uncertainty. Our team assisted in addressing these results with professional analysis and facilitation sessions...

UrbaCity Challenge, Victoria: Creating an annual city wide race

Since 2014, Pinnacle Pursuits has partnered with MAXIMUS Canada to create the UrbaCity Challenge. This urban-based team adventure race comprises of up to 25 unique challenges that involve downtown Victoria businesses and over 500 racers and volunteers with the purpose of bonding the community and raising significant funds for the Island Prostate Centre...

The Trailblaze Challenge launch with Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon

n 2019, Make-a-Wish decided to launch the inaugural Trailblaze Challenge in Canada. Given the success of similar events in the US, it was Canada’s turn to take this endurance fundraiser to new heights. For Pinnacle Pursuits, it was an incredible honor to enter into partnership with Make-a-Wish and provide as much expertise and energy to the project as possible...

How to Use Language as a Powerful Leadership Communication Tool (5.5min read)

Leaders are communicating at all times with every person, inside and outside their business, regardless of what they say or do. As the most visible member of the organization, leaders and all elements of their communication are closely scrutinized. If this is the case, isn't it better for leaders to be conscious of their communications and structure their language intentionally to maximize the impact that they want to achieve?

Pinnacle Pursuits’ commitment during the impact of Covid 19 and beyond

Dear Friends, Clients and Adventure-Learners & Leaders, Thank you so much for your ongoing support and commitment during Covid 19. As we all know, this is not an easy time for anyone as the concern for the impact of coronavirus... View Article

7 tips to boost productivity at work (7min read)

When we look at how to define productivity it is easy to confuse this term with being ‘busy’. Productivity is completing tasks that will allow yourself and others to move to the next stage of a project. In contrast, being... View Article