Clear Communication

Navigate Challenges, Build Positive Group Dynamics & Increase Operational Efficiency

In order to help manage the new demands and growth, Pinnacle Pursuits brought the executive team together for the first time for a visioning and team-building retreat. The company CEO wanted to air out difficulties and challenges and have the team members gain a greater understanding of each other’s personalities and motivations, and thereby build positive dynamics to increase operational efficiency...

Addressing Low Workplace Satisfaction

This department underwent an extensive annual workplace assessment ranking much lower than other provincial departments. They had recently undergone some large changes in staffing and leadership, and staff reported feeling a lack of value and recognition, a lack of vision and a great deal of mistrust and uncertainty. Our team assisted in addressing these results with professional analysis and facilitation sessions...

How to Use Language as a Powerful Leadership Communication Tool (5.5min read)

Leaders are communicating at all times with every person, inside and outside their business, regardless of what they say or do. As the most visible member of the organization, leaders and all elements of their communication are closely scrutinized. If this is the case, isn't it better for leaders to be conscious of their communications and structure their language intentionally to maximize the impact that they want to achieve?

Facilitating Organizational Change for An Employee Base

Facilitate change management for employees during a large organisational restructuring of a government department.