Bringing Multinational Branches Together for The First Time

April 21, 2020
by Liam Mumford

Client: International Organic Foods Brand
Format: 1 Day offsite
Location: Annacis Island, Delta, British Columbia

The Purpose: Fully design and facilitate the first ever themed, all-company conference & team-building event with over 150 participants from Canadian and US offices. The client’s need to focus on inter-connectedness, innovation and communication training through real-life applicable scenarios. 

Our Approach: The day included full group creative exercises and activities aligned with the days topics and themes. Pinnacle Pursuits introduced and practiced our highly-successful, interactive Clear Communication workshop. Furthermore, we structured an afternoon of high impact, fun team-building competitions to bring forth the playful side of participants. By doing this, people let down their guards. From there, promote and achieving greater togetherness came naturally. Once this goal had been realized, we brought the day to a close with rich, creative debrief, learnings and insights to take forward.

The Result: As a result, our client booked a further 12 events for us to work with different departments of this company. Furthermore, we received very positive feedback and comments, not just about the activities but also about the learnings and insights. Above all, our client deemed the experience “A total success which exceeded all expectations!”