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Keeping Employee Focus and Company Growth During Economic Downturns

Pinnacle Pursuits provided a one-day experiential workshop and team-building event for a team of 40 staff focused on fostering resilience and counteracting adversity during a time of recession...

Navigate Challenges, Build Positive Group Dynamics & Increase Operational Efficiency

In order to help manage the new demands and growth, Pinnacle Pursuits brought the executive team together for the first time for a visioning and team-building retreat. The company CEO wanted to air out difficulties and challenges and have the team members gain a greater understanding of each other’s personalities and motivations, and thereby build positive dynamics to increase operational efficiency...

Bringing Multinational Branches Together for The First Time

Pinnacle Pursuits created and facilitated the first ever themed, all-company conference & team-building event with over 150 participants from both the Canada and US offices. The theme was underpinned by the need to focus on interconnectedness, innovation, and communication training through real-life applicable scenarios...

What one change can I make to improve my staff team performance? (4.5min read)

Team performance and success is dependent on numerous factors of varying importance but it appears that one may stand above the others. This is the view of both Harvard professor Amy Edmondson and, more recently, Google’s Project Aristotle which studied... View Article

Are you looking for advice on leadership, team building and adventure?

We are delighted to welcome you to our new Pinnacle Pursuits leadership blog. The purpose of this blog is to help answer questions you have on and as a result make your team feel more like a family. At Pinnacle... View Article