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January 22, 2020
by David O'Connell

We are delighted to welcome you to our new Pinnacle Pursuits leadership blog. The purpose of this blog is to help answer questions you have on and as a result make your team feel more like a family. At Pinnacle Pursuits, we love what we do and we excitedly want to share that with you. 

We will explore different topics of team building, adventure learning, youth camps and resiliency among a host of other subjects. Each posting will be founded in research, experience, observations, reflections and occasionally on different case studies. Each post will preferably be on common areas of interest for our audience. We will certainly make lots of “newbie” blog post faux pas’ but we can just as confidently say that, above all, we will provide you with useful content on matters that matter to you. 

That may be: 

Above all, we will always endeavor to illuminate information relevant to your queries… 

Our writers

While none of us are in danger of claiming Alfred Nobel’s Literature Award. However, we are beneficiaries of wide-ranging backgrounds, experiences and interests which we will employ to answer any questions spurred by your curiosity or concern. 

Jono Willcocks 

The Founder and Chief Visionary of Pinnacle Pursuits and a father to a wonderful little lady. Without seeing his name attached, you will certainly recognize articles of his as they are chock full of interesting tips, brimming energy, and an exceptionally deep understanding of experiential training, team building, leadership, change management, facilitation, metaphor and meaning. Jono will always strive to help everyone out in whatever way he can and so that is what you can expect from his articles.

Pinnacle Pursuits Liam Mumford

Liam Mumford 

Liam is Pinnacle Pursuits’ Youth Program Manager among many other things. Hailing from Leeds, England, Liam has worked and traveled all over the world and brings that experience to bear with any group he  works with. Furthermore, he is a talented diver, soccer player, drama major, he has worked with some of the biggest youth camps in North America. Above all, Liam has learned how to creatively build confidence, leadership skills, resilience, trust and mental strength of our future generations.

Pinnacle Pursuits David O'Connell

Dave O’Connell

Dave, the current writer of this blog, is the Corporate & Charity Events Coordinator for Pinnacle Pursuits. My experience lies primarily in outdoor adventure tourism throughout Ireland, Europe and Canada. In addition, I received my masters in Creativity and Innovation from the University of Malta and love to bring both of those elements to the fore in all my endeavors. Meanwhile, I have a keen interest in business development, motivational techniques, progressive mental health tools and all things outdoors. My writing will typically touch on any and all of those matters while occasionally sprinkling in some humor and hopefully positively impacting any reader.

Guest Writers

Through our work, we have had the fortune of meeting some incredible innovators and leadership minds along the way. Occasionally, we will invite them to share their thoughts on matters relevant to you with an alternative viewpoint. Hopefully, this will refresh from the norm and give new, intriguing insights for you to enjoy.

If there is a subject, issue or interest you’d like to see an article on, reach out and ask us. We’re enjoying the exploration of writing but the more questions we answer for you, the more functional our posts are. Meanwhile, for up to date photos and postings or to make suggestions, follow us on our social media channels. 

Dave O’Connell