Preparing Employees for Redundancy

April 21, 2020
by Liam Mumford
Preparing Employees for Redundancy

Client: Multi-national business consultancy firm & local government agency
Format: Multiple 1 day onsite workshops
Location: 5 different British Columbia locations

The Challenge: Pinnacle Pursuits was hired to help 450, soon to be made redundant, employees think differently about the future. We needed to help them positively envision their future, set new personal and career goals. Our client recruited us to promote and generate positive attitudes and above all hope for the work force going forward.

Our Approach: Our team flew to different locations in British Columbia to facilitate strategic group activities over a 2 week period. We steered healthy group discussion and dialogue on the impacts of this potentially negative change. Furthermore, our facilitators sparked ideas and possibilities to expect but also look forward to once laid off. We paired these sessions with intentional indoor and outdoor team-building exercises. As a result, the participants had the platform to see things differently and direct them toward a sense of opportunity. In addition after each event we held a lengthy debrief to share feedback, celebrate achievements and results. We used these debriefs to make program adjustments where required, and refine every element based on the previous event. Each new program benefited from the feedback of the client and partipants.

The Result: Our client was delighted with the result. Our methods succeeded because we ‘did not shy away from the truth, we facilitated honest discussion and positive idea-sharing, and helped make it real’. We helped spark a positive approach to a very sensitive transition for hundreds of people going through life-altering career changes. The participants expressed gratitude for this helping hand in preparing for redundancy. They felt cared for by the employer and equipped for the future because of this experience.